Welcome to the House of Talking Ben!

It has been years since Speed last talked to Talking Ben and you are curious as to what happened to Ben so you snuck into his house and them you explore it.

If the boss doesn't load, press the up arrow key then type taco and then click on the debug then type in shadow and then click the green flag and start over. I can't seem to be able to fix this bug.

Yes, I made this game using Scratch. Deal with it :) And yes, Talking Ben isn't even a meme anymore but I still made this game anyways so deal with that too :) Plus it took me almost a year to finish this because I was too lazyyyyyyy.... PLus it is full of bugs sooooooo...... I might fix some of the bugs later.


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Btw I made a new game on my profile its called Fun Pong 2

I'll check it out


Thank you for enjoying my game

Can you look aty game?. It's actually really cool and thank you for replying. I do think your game is really cool!!

Thanks I will check your game out

Yo i made i new 3D game Let me know if you like it!